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Videos are a compelling way to learn more about our innovative glazing products. Whether you are looking for product information, the latest trends in bird friendly regulations or what’s going on with EPD’s, simply click on the video of your choice.

Bird Safe Glass Explained – Episode: 2 Solutions

Traction – Anti-slip Acid-etched Glass

Exterior Applications of Acid-etched Glass

The Perfect Balance Between Innovation and Practical Experience with Acid-etched Glass

Bird Safe Glass Explained – Episode: 1 The Issue

Bird Save Glass Explained – Episode 2: Solutions

AviProtek® E Low-Bird Friendly Glass

Bird Friendly Glass Video

San Francisco Bird Friendly Glass Regulations

Bird-friendly Glass Regulations Updates

Update & Insight: Glass and California AB262

Rope for Hope Event

Walker Textures Traction Force

AIA NYC Participation

Walker Textures Bloopers of 2015